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Date: 04 June, 2017
4 June 2017 The Executive Governor, Mr Umeahi Governor's Office Abakaliki Your Excellency; RE: ALLEGED BRUTALITY AGAINST MR. CHARLES OTU This is a petition inviting your attention to the public outcry in respect of a brutal assault allegedly by some members of your security details, on Mr Charles Otu, a practising journalist in your state. It is possible that the outcry over this ugly incident is yet to reach your ears, which apparently accounts for the loud silence from your office. The laceration marks and blood stains on Mr Otu's body are howling evidences of naked barbarism, and uncultured display of tyranny. Your people voted for freedom, chief among which is freedom of expression, which I have no doubt you subscribed to as a practising democrat. I am not yet convinced that what happened to Mr Otu can be the handiwork of anyone with whom you are associated, nor can it be imagined that this was done with your instruction; hence my invitation to you to please speak out now. Your Excellency, this is one gnawing instance in which silence cannot be golden. The world likes to hear from you! Thank you Mr Governor. Yours faithfully Oluwambo Balogun, Concerned Journalist.

Signed by: 43

Kuvie Erusiafe
Date: 18 April, 2017
The residents of Delta State Company Housing Complex and its environs in Udu Local Government Area of Delta State,Nigeria have lamented  lack of power supply for 14 months in the area. Some residents of the community who interacted with Revelation Agents online news said they were cut off by the Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) fourteen months ago due to payment issues. The residents said trouble started when the Benin Electricity Distribution Company Started bringing exorbitant bills to the residents of the community.Our source said  the residents of the area who protested the high tariff advised the Benin Electricity Distribuction Company to install prepaid meter so that they will actually know what they(residents) are consuming. The source said BEDC did not agree to install prepaid meters but rather disconnected the whole community and the community have been in darkness since last year February. The residents said they decided to ask for prepaid meters because it  is surprising that people that have not been around for some months will still receive bills from BEDC. The residents called on Senator Ighoyata Amori and Governor Ifeanyi Okowa to intervene in the matter. BEDC did not respond to text messages sent to the mobile phone of the customer service care by Revelation Agents.

Signed by: 81

John Osadolo
Date: 11 October, 2016
Fashola is sleeping in his house but I'm the one suffering for the lack of electricity in my area. Is there a noise pollution law or something that can help me in the meantime?! In this time of recession one needs to sleep well at night so that you can have a clear head to think clearly in the morning. My neighbour runs his very noisy generator all night. I wake up with a headache in the morning. I have not been able to think clearly since I moved into my flat. Since It only corruption that gets attention now. This has got to be some form of corruption or something I mean where is he getting the money to run gen in this time of recession self? Sometimes I feel like going to Fashola's office to ask if he can give us light every night so that my neighbour will not need his gen, other times I feel this my neighbour should be arrested for tormenting me. Government Please oh! Rice is expensive and sometimes I go to bed on empty stomach can you at least ensure that we sleep at night? Can we get some noise regulation law and enforcement at least? I take God beg you oh.

Signed by: 7

Date: 10 September, 2016
One must start by commending the efforts of Governor Ibikunle Amosun in some critical areas since assuming duties as Executive Governor of Ogun State. One area is the facelift and wonderful transformation witnessed in Abeokuta, the state capital. Another is the inititive to give diligent attention to issue of property ownership across the state through the Ogun State Home Owners’ project. The next area is development of road infrastructure, especially the Itoki-Agbado-Ajuwon-Ojodu road which obviously is the most visible impact of Governor Amosun’s government in this corridor of our Gateway State. Unfortunately, the general mood now is in very sharp contrast to the hilarious welcome that the project received when it started. The Itoki-Agbado-Ajuwon-Ojodu axis is no doubt the fastest growing part of Ogun State with new communities springing up every now and then, obviously due to the proximity to Nigeria’s mega-city, Lagos; and Sango, one of the main industrial hobs in Ogun State. As a result of inattention from successive governments before Governor Amosun got on the saddle, town planning was a distant possibility; leaving development of the communities to struggling individuals and at the mercy of marauding hooligans, who go by the name ‘omo oniles’. You can therefore imagin the sigh of relief by the people of Agbado-Ajuwon-Ojodu when the current road project kicked off; but there is now palpable anxiety that the project might suffer abandonment. We are grateful to Governor Amosun for the new Local Council Development Area (LCDA) status recently accorded us; but this road holds the key to its sustenance and survival. It is understood there is the possibility of another road through Agbado-Adiyan-Orudu to link up with the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway at Ogere. What a wonderfully majestic idea this would! It is difficult now to quantify the benefits in terms of internally generated revenues for Ogun State. I therefore write as a concerned resident to appeal to Governor Amosun to please redouble his commitment and let this manifest in the speedy completion of that road.

Signed by: 11

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